June 19-22, Asheville

Radical Collaboration for Women® (RCW) is a highly interactive Learning Lab supporting Professional Women in unleashing their superpower to create high-trust collaborative relationships. The RCW signature retreat is designed to provide women with a safe space to practice skills and behaviors while building community including

  • dealing with difficult people and how to avoid being one of them
  • navigating conflict and turning enemies into allies.
  • communicating with candor while maintaining their job, their relationships and their reputation.
  • creating high-trust collaborative environments.
  • reducing the cost of conflict in dollars, time and lost creativity.

Individually we can make a difference, together we make an impact. That is the mantra of @Celeste Blackman, world-renowned speaker, leadership coach, and founder of Green Zone Thinking® and Radical Collaboration for Women®.

Radical Collaboration® is an internationally acclaimed methodology that @Celeste Blackman has effectively combined with Green Zone Thinking® to address the current issues that impact women in the workplace. Radical Collaboration for Women® is not just programming, it serves as a consortium of radically collaborative professionals dedicated to creating superior ways to work together.

Professional development is not just static, it is a mindset as well as an on-going practice. One of the clearest findings to emerge from recent scientific research is that we are social creatures with a social brain and that our health, happiness, and productivity is inextricably tied to the quality of our relationships. Radical Collaboration for Women® serves as the conduit to the best version of ourselves and our relationships.

Join Celeste, Women Speak Tech founders @Robin Parisse, @Jill Talvensaari and other like-minded women leaders who are on a mission to positively impact their teams, organizations, and communities. You’ll practice highly effective ways to build allies, rapidly establish trust, collaborate, negotiate, and drive results using self-awareness, empathy, accountability, influence, and interest-based problem-solving.

Bring your own unique style and perspective and find joy at work and at play with your new powerful women’s network.

Blockchain Immersion. Explore the Power of a Ledger

Thursday, February 7, 2019 at 6pm

Salesforce East, 5th floor, Room C02, 350 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105

Enjoy this free event sponsored by  Heroku-Salesforce.

Actively engage in a a hands-on workshop designed to immerse you into conducting transactions within a blockchain world. Unearth the power a ledger can bring to your business.

Wow! 10 Venues, 2 Days. Serendipity Delivered.

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Over 30 intimate sessions across ten venues in San Francisco were literally buzzing with experts and attendees discussing topics from Augmented Reality to Social Responsibility to Leadership and Investing. In addition, skill-building workshops focused on everything from the written word to understanding resonance and pitch when one speaks.

On Friday (10/26) Women Speak Tech’s Robin Parisse had the honor of moderating the Emerging Tech House.  A big thank you goes to Autodesk for hosting the venue, STYLEBEE (YCS15) for giving us some extra glamour and to our amazing experts who not only presented but engaged session attendees in a dialogue to explore the impacts and opportunities of technology solutions, human behavior, privacy, security, and ethics. 

Missed, Serendipity or want to relisten? Podcasts to be published shortly>>

Our Emerging Tech Speakers included:

  • Anastasia Miron, — Explore the brain via virtual reality to teach us how to be better parents? What triggers are there? How can we adapt behavior, provide modeling and tools for a better outcome?
  • Lisa Mae Brunson,  — Explore how the art of ‘fearless asking’ can help you magically manifest your vision into reality.
  • Anuradha Gali, — Learn how Uber is leveraging AI to automate their predictive models and dynamically adjust utilizing market insights.
  • Dr. Amrita Ray, — How are Network Effects and Shaping Influences used in machine learning models to retain, engage and improve products? Why are these model important when we look at automation and scale?
  • Annie Rogaski — How does augmented reality fit into our lives? How should we engage with technology to reign in the right balance of ethics, privacy and security?
  • Radhika Iyengar-Emens— Why should we care about blockchain? How blockchain can solve real-world problems like food safety, e-identity, and more.
  • Liza Lichtinger — How do we ethically align emerging technologies with the footprint of humanity? Why is it important to educate corporations and governments on the use of technology in collaboration with human behavior?


Did you know you have to exercise your networking muscles! Well, you do. And, practice is progress. Our workshop leaders put us to the test! Emily and Jacqueline taught us how to create a networking mindset while Lady Badass, Joanna made us re-evaluate how to answer the question, ‘what do you do?’

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