Women Speak Tech programming and events happen because of the generous support of our underwriters. While events themselves are vendor-neutral, they are not topic-neutral.

Please note that the primary source of our funding comes from our underwriters. This allows us to offset costs for venue rental, food and drink, and ‘speak up’ operations.

Please Support Our Underwriters 


If you are interested in an exclusive-sponsorship and/or a joint underwriting opportunity, let us know.

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[table caption=”Underwriting Opportunities” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Underwriter Type,Benefits,Investment Level
Exclusive,event landing page underwriter recognition and logo/evite logo and message/at event recognition/post event coverage if applicable/ recognition in applicable event press or marketing materials,$1500-5000+ per event (varies with format and #attendees
Presenting, event landing page mention and logo/evite logo/at event recognition/post event mention if applicable/recognition in applicable event press or marketing materials,$500-3500+ per event (varies with format and attendees. 2 Presenting Sponsor minimum per event)
Advocate (Business), website recognition,$100 and above
Advocate (Individual),website recognition,$50 and above
Custom, to be defined in partnership, tbd.

Ideas welcome. And, when funded, doable and fun — why not? We will consider suggestions and decide appropriately.

Underwriting Types and Investment subject to changes without notice. Receipts available. We are a business not a non-profit.