Blockchain Immersion. Explore the Power of a Ledger

Thursday, February 7, 2019 at 6pm Salesforce East, 5th floor, Room C02, 350 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105 Enjoy this free event sponsored by  Heroku-Salesforce. Blockchain subject matter expert speakers. facilitators, and miners Examples of what problems can be solved with Blockchain and how Open discussion: Business model impacts (pros, cons and in-between) Facilitated workshop. Attendees participate in a Blockchain Simulation (game) Actively engage in a a hands-on workshop designed to immerse you into conducting transactions within a […]

AI Hands-On

WST in collaboration with AI subject matter experts from, Insight Data Science, Women in Product, and Heroku developed programming where WST Attendees walked away with Examples of different ways AI is used, lessons learned Awareness of AI and new technology impacts (to the Industry, Jobs, Life) Positive effects we desire Common Use Cases: drive greater customer intimacy, increase competitive advantages, improve efficiencies Negative/In-effective results that AI could bring (example: gender bias) What questions to […]

2019, What’s Up?

WST plans to continue to empower you to Speak Up and take action with even more hands-on workshops, new partners, and…. Network. Find a Mentor. Be a Mentor. Sign up for The Guild. Use the discount code WST20 Get excited about Blockchain. The team at Insight Data Science and WST have been working to create a hands-on workshop where you will walk away with an understanding of what Blockchain is and how it can be […]

The Story of Unboxd and What to Expect in 2019

“These are the thoughts that lead me to Unboxd. I coined the term STEMfluencer as someone who is working to change the perception of STEM in the media. I spent May and June putting all my thoughts together and reaching out to all the STEMfluencers I could find and building a community around them. The idea was to take the storytelling piece aspect from my blog but launch it as a lifestyle media brand that highlights women in […]

Our Artificial Intelligence Experts

We are extremely lucky to have so many talented and accomplished individuals who have volunteered their time to further our discussions. As part of our Women Speak Tech community, we are encouraged that men & women continue to come together to create more equitable workplaces and invest in others.  Travis Dirks, is a CTO at XLabs, a moonshot factory for AI. Prior to XLabs, he was Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of Seldn, an artificial intelligence (AI) […]