Why Attend

When you try to be more agile and innovative within your organization and/or when you are on-boarding a concept, a process or a technology, do you feel like you are on an island by yourself?

Are you frustrated that your voice isn’t being heard?

Would you like acknowledgment from peers?

Do you need help solving or vetting a particular challenge?

Are you confused on how to write your RFP, select a vendor or ready your team?

Do you want to share what you’ve learned?

Do you want to build knowledge?

Are you searching for ideas and collaborative engagement?

Would you like to network?

If any of these feelings resonate, Women Speak Tech can help you hone your industry voice and transform ways of thinking, working and problem-solving. Join in and support a thought leadership zone for today’s digital experience.

Women Speak Tech attendees are typically women who work in:

  • creative development and production (e.g., Adobe Creative Cloud and…)
  • content creation and production who access, manage, ingest and distribute assets, configure workflows and support creative operations
  • marketing, marketing operations and social who are in creative and/or business roles focused on strategy, tactical implementation, on-boarding, sustainability and the management of systems, solutions and teams
  • metadata management, workflow, and/or curation who configure and optimize systems, and manage use, procedures, metadata definition and upkeep, and more for content and media-rich organizations
  • IT and/or technology roles including web content management, content management, digital or media asset management (DAM or MAM), collection management, data management and/or information architecture