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In a normal world, we typically hold 1-2 events per quarter with a summer hiatus. Given COVID, we hope that you and your families are healthy.

In this tumultuous time we hope we can inspire you to join us virtually via the multitude of virtual events our partners are hosting.

Virtual connections we are enjoying today include: The Guild’s Book Club, Voice Your Power with Hillary Wicht!, Boost your immune system with the with the BODY iQ CHALLENGE!

Given recent events we ask that you take a moment of silence for George Floyd, and a moment to reflect on how each of us can take positive action(s).

A GREAT LISTEN! The recent interview with Resmaa Menakem by Krista Tippett shares steps on ‘teaching our brains to think better’ about race. Take a moment, and explore: ‘Notice the rage. Notice the silence.’

There are many resources to engage. Passing on a few we received: Take Action Tool Kit, #DefundthePolice, Moving from Conversation to Action (The Equality Lounge), How to Help Dismantle Social Injustice (6/18), Black Lives Matter, and…

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Are you an Archivist? Or interested in DAM/MAM and all things related? Yes, join the Bay Area Asset Managers to share, learn, and have fun. BAAM Camp is a favorite.