We Converged! Spoke Up and had fun!

Thank you to our SF 11/3 attendees! It was great to see such a full house. What an amazing cross-section of digital media and technology experiences as well as industries that were represented.

A special thank you to our spotlighted guests Suzanne Fletcher (Stanford-StartX Fund Manager) and Kathleen Cameron (Nest).img_0508 img_0509img_0507

Following are some key takeaways. Would love to hear your thoughts and takeaways! Please comment.

Elevate Women’s Voices

  • Implement practices and process to support action.
  • Commit to your action from top down leadership buy-in to results.
  • Eliminate/reduce biases, even your own.
  • Example: Vendor Funding review Judges now include 50% women and 50% minorities (Suzanne).

Change Management

  • Starts at the onset and continues through the lifecycle of the project and the organization
  • Use cases without context results in limited or short-term success. Understand your current ecosphere as well as future across the organization.
  • Don’t rely on just process maps. Take out your color pens and map the layers. Understand human behavior and technology (activities and triggers) within your culture.

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