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Why All The Talk About Failure Is Backwards

by Darrah Brustein

“‘Success’ on other people’s terms is, well, not. If the recent suicides of some of our most iconic business moguls teaches us anything, it’s that the trappings of success are no measure of true happiness. Not a people person? Don’t start a relationship-driven business. Have a case of wanderlust? Don’t start a manufacturing business that will keep you grounded in one place. It seems simple, and yet, aligning the design for your life with your business model from the start is often overlooked. Happiness is too important to be an afterthought,” shares Molina Niño.

Talking About Failure Is Crucial for Growth

by Oset Babur

‘Ultimately, the researchers found that talking about failure — both during the fact and afterward — can help to cultivate closer relationships with colleagues.’

Johannes Haushofer, a Princeton Professor goes as far as publishing a ‘CV of Failures’ which  PH.D. students responded with ‘relief in finding solidarity for their struggles’.

What would your CV or Failures include? Do you have a ‘growth mindset‘?

Dr. Dweck found that people’s theories about their own intelligence had a significant impact on their motivation, effort, and approach to challenges. Those who believe their abilities are malleable are more likely to embrace challenges and persist despite failure.’ This model of the fixed vs. growth mindset shows how cognitive, affective, and behavioral features are linked to one’s beliefs about the malleability of their intelligence. 

Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. – Graphic by Nigel Holmes

AI: Why Marketers Need to Look Beyond the Buzzword

…the reason marketers and industry experts are getting so excited about AI is that it’s paving the way for the industry to progress beyond data analysis and advance into data generation’

Neil Hughes

You Can Change Your Workplace, Here Are Four Ways To Start

‘As an intrapreneur ask yourself similar questions. “What is problematic about our culture, do certain actions not match corporate copy? What can be done better and what can I initiative or support to help achieve that that just makes common sense? That’s your starting point and your greater purpose.’ by Claudia Chan, CEO of S.H.E. GLOBL (note: 2018 S.H.E. Summit is October 18-19. Registration is open)

My Voice Got Deeper. Suddenly, People Listened.

‘My feminist mother taught me to speak up. Now, as a trans man, I am trying to make space for women to be heard.’ by Thomas Page McBee — Thomas provides us with a great lens to view from, as we navigate how we want to show up in this world.

Blockchain technology — .….

….is a bulletproof record-keeping system. That’s it, really. Provided it’s running on a robust-enough computer network, blockchains produce incorruptible records. That may not sound like much, but records are rememberingRecords are the protection of our memories for the future…..’ By,  Maria Bustillos

Dealing With Impostor

Syndrome  When You’re Treated as an Impostor

Impostor syndrome is not a unique feeling, but some researchers believe it hits minority groups harder. By,  Kristin Wong 


Finding My “I Am”

“Maria Shriver’s life is often summarized in fairy tale terms. A child of the Kennedy clan in the Camelot aura of the early 1960s. Daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who founded the Special Olympics, and Sargent Shriver, who helped found the Peace Corps. An esteemed broadcast journalist. First lady of California. This hour, she opens up about having a personal history that is also public history — and how deceptive the appearance of glamour can be. ” from On Being Studios with Krista Tippett

Sometimes You Have to Quit to Get Ahead

‘Winners are just people who know when to quit — and do it often.’ By, Stephanie Lee

Want to Feel Happier? Your Phone Can Help. (Maybe.) 

By, Claire Coghlan

Benchmarking Global Readiness for GDPR Reveals Common Trends

By,  | Apr 18, 2018

By,  | Jul 23, 2018

How Change Happens, In Generational Time


“Our discomfort and our grappling is not a sign of failure,” America Ferrera says, ‘it’s a sign that we’re living at the edge ofour imaginations.’ She

is a culture-shifting artist. John Paul Lederach is one of our greatest living architects of social transformation. From the inaugural On Being Gathering, a revelatory, joyous exploration of the ingredients of social courage — and how change really happens in generational time.” from On Being Studios with Krista Tippett

How to achieve an invisible infrastructure with the four pillars of multicloud

By Bikash Koley | Tuesday, June 19, 2018 – 20:09

These Are the Trailblazing Women Behind the Modern Internet

Alli Hoff Kosik · 

Secrets To Make Technology Serve You

“The internet makes dumb people dumber and smart people smarter.” –Kevin Drum

HOw Technology is Hijacking Your Mind — from a Magician and Google Design Ethicist

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes. by: Tristan Harris

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.” — Unknown.

This Is Your Brain on Sex


“What we’re learning about the brain can help us navigate romance, love, sex, and relationships. Anthropologist Helen Fisher is a senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute, a member of the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies in the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University, and Chief Scientific Advisor to dating match.com. In the research she does for match.com and her TED Talks that have been viewed by millions of people, she wields science as an entertaining, if sobering, lens on what feels like the most meaningful encounters of our lives.” from On Being Studios with Krista Tippet

4 Things Every Child Needs Before BreakfasT

‘…It’s important to note that your confidence as a parent is also based on the fact that you yourself have been winning in the morning before you have interfaced with your child’ by,  Benjamin P. Hardy

Age old reminder: ‘You can’t take care of others unless you take care of yourself first!’

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