Join Us at SERENDIPITY October 2018!

The GUILD presents SERENDIPITY, the first women’s conference of its kind where attendees engage with experts in intimate sessions across San Francisco, October 26 & 27th. Similar to the Paris salons of the early 18th century where intellectual discourse was commonly associated with French literary and philosophical movements, Serendipity gives attendees the option to spend time in multiple houses including StoryPower, Founders Meet Funders, Social Responsibility, Investing, Leadership, and more.  Like the Paris salons, these small gatherings foster an environment to increase collective knowledge, collaborate and make connections.

Women Speak Tech is excited to partner with the Guild, and to moderate the Emerging Tech House.

This salon focuses on the latest and greatest developments in the emerging tech landscape including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and VR advances. Moreover, the salon will dive further into the ins and outs of building and prototyping new technology. Also joining in, is Unboxd, the new ‘Vogue’ for Stem Women

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When you register, Serendipity will query your interests, desired areas of growth, and what you want to get out of the conference. Next, you will receive a proposed schedule based on your responses. Keep the recommendation or make changes. The goal is to create a two-day experience on what you’d like to learn and who you’d like to connect with.



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