June 19-22, Asheville

Radical Collaboration for Women® (RCW) is a highly interactive Learning Lab supporting Professional Women in unleashing their superpower to create high-trust collaborative relationships. The RCW signature retreat is designed to provide women with a safe space to practice skills and behaviors while building community including

  • dealing with difficult people and how to avoid being one of them
  • navigating conflict and turning enemies into allies.
  • communicating with candor while maintaining their job, their relationships and their reputation.
  • creating high-trust collaborative environments.
  • reducing the cost of conflict in dollars, time and lost creativity.

Individually we can make a difference, together we make an impact. That is the mantra of @Celeste Blackman, world-renowned speaker, leadership coach, and founder of Green Zone Thinking® and Radical Collaboration for Women®.

Radical Collaboration® is an internationally acclaimed methodology that @Celeste Blackman has effectively combined with Green Zone Thinking® to address the current issues that impact women in the workplace. Radical Collaboration for Women® is not just programming, it serves as a consortium of radically collaborative professionals dedicated to creating superior ways to work together.

Professional development is not just static, it is a mindset as well as an on-going practice. One of the clearest findings to emerge from recent scientific research is that we are social creatures with a social brain and that our health, happiness, and productivity is inextricably tied to the quality of our relationships. Radical Collaboration for Women® serves as the conduit to the best version of ourselves and our relationships.

Join Celeste, Women Speak Tech founders @Robin Parisse, @Jill Talvensaari and other like-minded women leaders who are on a mission to positively impact their teams, organizations, and communities. You’ll practice highly effective ways to build allies, rapidly establish trust, collaborate, negotiate, and drive results using self-awareness, empathy, accountability, influence, and interest-based problem-solving.

Bring your own unique style and perspective and find joy at work and at play with your new powerful women’s network.

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