4 Challenges to Up-level Your Leadership Game with Holly Jackson

Join Holly to up-level your leadership game by identifying what a great leader looks like and taking the challenge to be one. 6 Things That Make Great Leaders: invested in your team, see greatness in each of your team members, hire the right team players, be daring and courageous enough to talk about the elephant in the room, have a perspective that failure doesn’t exist, change equals self-improvement.

What the heck is a ‘Tech Loop’?

Written by Alexis Haselberger. Originally published at www.alexishaselberger.com Tech Loop Today I want to share with you an article from my friends over at MyDigitalTat2, an organization that I fell in love with when I heard co-founder Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet speak about how to help kids build the healthy habits and critical thinking skills they need to integrate technology into their lives in a constructive way. As I listened to Gloria speak last year, I had an […]

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