Serendipity 2019 Rocked!

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’, Eleanor Roosevelt The ultimate non-conference, Serendipity was bursting with energy at the General’s Residence in San Francisco. Over 500 women and a few men gathered to learn, collaborate and exchange expertise across lecture halls, sitting room, rotundo, and gardens. Thank you to Anne Cocquyt and her team! And, for a post- Serendipity bang, check out the Digital Goodie Mag>> Haven’t joined The […]

The Story of Unboxd and What to Expect in 2019

“These are the thoughts that lead me to Unboxd. I coined the term STEMfluencer as someone who is working to change the perception of STEM in the media. I spent May and June putting all my thoughts together and reaching out to all the STEMfluencers I could find and building a community around them. The idea was to take the storytelling piece aspect from my blog but launch it as a lifestyle media brand that highlights women in […]

Why Startups Need Marketing Operations

by, Nicole Beckerman — Every startup has to sell its product or service to survive. Yet startups often find themselves using ad hoc tactics and experimenting on the fly with sales and marketing tools that are merely getting them through another day. To scale successfully, a startup needs not only a marketing plan but a tactical set of marketing tools that are managed by subject matter experts: Marketing Operations. What is Marketing Operations? Broadly speaking, Marketing […]

The Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion

by, Nicole Beckerman — From the water cooler to keynote speeches, diversity and inclusion are topics looming large in the tech industry. Today one finds that the two terms have been conflated often enough that they seem interchangeable. But they are not. Diversity and Inclusion have distinct differences which influence individual experiences as well as organizational success. A clear understanding of diversity and inclusion helps us to communicate effectively and consistently share a common perspective. Diversity […]

Build a Fast Growth Culture of Upward Mobility & Inclusion

We heard from our panelists’ practical advice, examples, and their perspectives on how mentorship and inclusion start with each one of us taking action to 1) address how we speak, listen and hear and 2) how we can create our own safe spaces to push barriers, ideate, and positively engage. Conversation Highlights Three (3) key actions to invest in your upward mobility & inclusion Build Confidence: prepare and practice often Seek Allies: solicit feedback from peers, colleagues, […]

Guiding a seismic shift in tech: For women, it’s an inside job

2018 is on track to be a year of great cultural change—and that change is increasingly being driven by women. The women’s marches of 2017 lit the fire, and #metoo drives awareness and accountability across virtually every industry. The 1970s feminist movement that helped define change in our mothers’ generation is coming back today with an unprecedented power—and it’s time we brought the tech industry aboard. Forbes reported in 2017 that women today are leaving the […]