Generational Impasses or Opportunities?

Look no further for the summer read that will grab your attention and possibly ignite ideas to re-pivot your team and your workplace. Lindsey Pollak’s The Remix shows you how to adapt and win through proven strategies that serve all generations’ needs. The result is a workplace that blends the best of each generation’s ideas and practices to design a smarter, more inclusive work environment for everyone. Millennials have only just begun their reign as the […]

Blockchain Savvy.

We got this! We had a mix of subject matter experts (not just on the panel!), folks creating social justice solutions, creatives and marketers all thrown together to play our ‘Blockchain GAME’. Each player received a Starter envelope labeled with a letter and a number. Inside were either 3 tokens and/or pencil toppers or fun gadgets. Players Participated in an exchange where one player ‘sent’ another player tokens by declaring both parties and amounts. Players […]

AI Hands-On

WST in collaboration with AI subject matter experts from, Insight Data Science, Women in Product, and Heroku developed programming where WST Attendees walked away with Examples of different ways AI is used, lessons learned Awareness of AI and new technology impacts (to the Industry, Jobs, Life) Positive effects we desire Common Use Cases: drive greater customer intimacy, increase competitive advantages, improve efficiencies Negative/In-effective results that AI could bring (example: gender bias) What questions to […]

2019, What’s Up?

WST plans to continue to empower you to Speak Up and take action with even more hands-on workshops, new partners, and…. Network. Find a Mentor. Be a Mentor. Sign up for The Guild. Use the discount code WST20 Get excited about Blockchain. The team at Insight Data Science and WST have been working to create a hands-on workshop where you will walk away with an understanding of what Blockchain is and how it can be […]

Medium Announces The Big Disruption

The Big Disruption, A Totally Fictional But Essentially True Silicon Valley Story  by Jessica Powell Out today on Medium! See below the newsletter announcement. And, then start reading!